King wants to meet Anwar and Wan Azizah before making a decision – Source

A source has reveales that His Majesty, YDP Agong wants to be fair and told the six political leaders that he wants to meet Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah, tomorrow at 2.30pm.

Tuanku wants them to think over whether there should be new government or a snap election.

If the source is right, His Majesty would have made this decision in order to be fair to all parties.

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  • S.P. Morgan

    Very wise decision.

  • Eon Yon

    This King is one of the best so far. Right way to handle. My Salute.E

  • KH Tan

    Snap election

  • Soomasegaram Govindasamy

    Our King has acted wisely, taking into account his subjects who elected the present Government.

  • kamalan

    I pray and hope our beloved DYM think of the people and call for a new election. Let the people vote for the country. May god bless this country

  • Letchu

    Daulat tuanku.! Wise decision fair

  • Ravindra Kumar a/l Purushotman

    Happening and Successful With good be happy.2020 the Best year for Malaysia with wonderful for Anwar mas be Pm with Love Happening King will take a good decision for the Best Future for Malaysia Boleh6🙊🙉🙈💥🌈☀️🦂💯 this year month is very important year for having a good Pm for the Future Malaysia With Love Happening With King Allah Will bless from Sky With Love Happening for the next

  • rajooammasie

    give Malaysian a choice to have a new govt..snap election will be a good choice..and democracy for this country

  • Robin Yew

    I trust our YDP Agong will make a wise decision. In the first place, Tun M had betrayed the trusy of the rakyat coz the present Government was formed on the mandate of the rakyat during the GE.
    I am so disappointed with Tun M whom l had so much respect before but today, he is destroying Malaysia.
    Why must there be greed of power within our Government? I am so ashame tp say l am from Malaysia.

  • Fatimah

    You don’t change coalition govt half way. It’s not fair to voters who voted out umno.

  • Leslie tong

    A Snap Election is more li it.
    If Pakatan National allowed to form d next govt, I am pretty sure, many streets Protest will prevail. Then there will be ‘lockdown’ like COVid 19′ in China. Totally absurd…Forming govt without the voters’ say.

  • Frustated

    Parlimen harus dibubarkan demi rakyat Malaysia.. Adil.

  • Michael

    Snap election is the best if change of government

  • Alan

    The rakyat waited for years to throw out the previous corrupted government and now Dr M invite them in, this is betrayal to the rakyat, we hope DYMM our beloved Agong will make a right decision and not allow this things to happen, the politician do as they like.

  • Sathia

    Daulat Tunku.. We Malaysian give us choice to choose New Govt.

  • gold man

    This is not football ground of politicians.. We are the people who give u all mandate.. Don’t break people’s trust

  • Sundra

    Do not wish to see the thieves in power again. Hope DYM makes the right decision. The people are in power…not the politions who change as the wish.

  • Abynaya Aby

    Parliment harus dibubarkan.. Adakan election.. Bagi rakyat pilih demi kebaikkan Malaysia..

  • Yunmustafa

    I amglad ourKing is a wise man.donot give in to poltical demand.The citizens have choosen aGovt.for change just because of someone isgreedy ofbeing in power longer than promised .why cause trouble and rock the peace in ourcountry.I pray ourKing will be Firm and dont give in to politcal agreed.

  • Yap Pin Chuan

    Mahathir and Najib is corruption “Both Corruption” facing in powerless Mahathir mungkin give Datuk Anwar Ibrahim
    And Azmin Ali Ada perkhianat to PKR Sama Umno Dan MCA

    🌺Forum Unity in Diversity 🌺 Yap Pin Chuan
    Merrill Lynch Investment
    Kuala Lumpur

  • Charley Yau

    Hope will have a election soon……

  • K T wong

    give Malaysian a choice to have a new govt..snap election will be a good choice..and democracy for this country


    Snap election

  • CH Lee

    Best return to the Rakyat to decide the future of our loving country.

  • Steve Yap

    DYMM is well placed to make this decision for the future of our beloved nation.

  • Richard

    I really hope our Agong do the right thing else we will be down the path of no return…

  • Cks

    PH return to govern is the best solution. After we have thrown the corrupted regimes umn and pas so hard, we do not want them to regain power. We, and as responsible citizens of Malaysia, must ensure our generation deserve a good future, not debt riddened nation for them to suffer, think of them!!!!!!

  • Suppiah

    DYMM will come up with t he people wish.No snap election please.With or without Mahathir the present Government should go on.

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