‘The Rock’ and family infected by Covid-19

‘The Rock’ and family infected by Covid-19

LOS ANGELES, Sept 3 — Dwayne Johnson has joined the list of celebrities to be infected by the deadly Covid-19.

In an Instagram post, the wrestler turned movie star revealed that his wife Lauren Hashian and two daughters Jasmine and Tiana, were also infected.

“I could tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we’ve had to endure as family, and for me personally, as well.”

“Testing positive for Covid-19 is a lot different than recovering from nasty injuries, getting evicted or being broke, which I’ve been more than a few times,” he said in an Instagram post.

Johnson, better known as The Rock, added that he and his family were recovering and were “no longer contagious”.

Johnson said that despite the hardship faced, there were some silver linings. 

For their family, the silver lining was that their two daughters experienced nothing more than a “little sore throat.” 

“Other than that they bounced back and it’s been life as normal. Happy babies running around and playing,” he said.

Johnson also revealed they contracted the virus from close family friends, who did not know where they themselves caught it, as he and their friends were “very disciplined” when it came to social distancing. 

He added that there needed to be “even greater discipline” when it comes to visiting with friends and family, something he hopes his followers are equally as “aggressive” about. 

He also advised his fans to wear their face mask. 

“It is the responsible thing to do, but also, not only for yourself or for your family or loved ones, but also for your fellow human beings… I am not a politician, I am a man who cares about my family deeply and will do everything I can to protect them, but I am also a man who cares about all of you guys.”

Other celebrities such as Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, Idris Elba, Antonio Banderas and performers Pink and Sara Bareilles had previously revealed they too have fallen victim to Covid-19.

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