Even In The Dark, Kulasegaran And Ramasamy Are Scared of Saravanan.

Even In The Dark, Kulasegaran And Ramasamy Are Scared of Saravanan.

M. Vivek

Malaysians may be left confused by the political mud-slinging the last 2 days, but one thing seems clear– Saravanan has  come out a winner in public perception.

Recently Kula accused Saravanan to have failed to live up to the role of Human Resources Minister and was incompetent of his job.

In school, we were taught to look at the good things someone has done. Lying is an acquired skill. Politicians are probably the best you will find anywhere.

Kula’s story is extremely flawed and riddled with discrepancies. What Kula is saying is the opposite of what happened.

Kula’s statement was actually made without fully understanding Saravanan’s  request to ILO and the US authorities. The US embassy in Kuala Lumpur is in regular contact with the Malaysian government on forced labour matters.

And still Kula can spin his and get away with it.

Since Saravanan took over as Minister in 2020, the Human Resources Ministry has introduced various measures to check forced labour.

This includes the introduction of the e-wages system, enforcement of Act 446 which ensures proper living condition for immigrant labour, introduced centralised labour quarters (CLQs) for foreign workers, ratified Protocol 29 of the International Labour Organisation, amendments to the Employment Act 1955 (Act 265) which among others maternity leave of 98 days, paternity leave of 7 days etcetra.

Kula must put a stop to its act of vindictive and personal vendetta against The Minister of Human Resources Datuk Seri M. Saravanan.

It’s pointless for the ex-Human Resources Minister Kulasegaran to blame the current Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri M.Saravanan.

Do not bark up the wrong tree Mr.Kula. Stay cool.

Even your party DAP has lost confidence in you. Prior to GE 14, Kula and his teammates accused Barisan Nasional  government of mistreating the Indians and leaving more than 300,000 Indians stateless.

The issues of stateless Indians were played up by Kulasegaran, Ramasamy and other opposition leaders during ceramah sessions and demonstrations before the May 9 pools to fan the ire of the Indian community.

Those were just lies and claims not based on facts, merely raised by the opposition to discredit the government and confuse the people.

In their short 22 month rule, Kulasegaran did not do anything to something which he previously accused of.

It was the Pakatan Harapan governments responsibility at that time.

Meanwhile, on the invitation to debate from Ramasamy on matters pertaining to forced labour, Saravanan is prepared to face the Penang deputy Chief Minister Ramasamy.

Saravanan-an orator with almost magical abilities to mesmerise audiences across the board, of superior intellect and political acuity.

Let’s rock. 

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